Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just another day at school....

From time to time on that rare occasion, when necessary, the kids will get a spanking (usually with the wood spoon).  Morgan tends to be the one who responds best to this form of discipline.  So today she comes skipping in the house from school and hands me an activity book with a sticker and in a very matter of fact fashion tells me it's for daddy.  It reads, "Hands are not for Hitting."  They did this last year when Isaac was in Kindergarten.  Any time Isaac would get a spanking last year he would proclaim, "Hands are for loving and hugging, not for hitting."  It worked for him probably the first time.  Then we started to tell him that hands are also for disciplining!!!  Got to love their logic!

Rick proudly wore the sticker the rest of the day!

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  1. The kids were just standing behind me and I scrolled down to the pics of Luke. When they saw the pic of him asleep in the bouncer Kylie got all shocked and said "they got a new baby". :) It was very cute! He was such a cute baby! He is still so cute but I remember just wanting to smother his little cheeks with kisses when he was a babe. My how fast they grow!+